5 Things Last Epoch Got Right!

Video games have come a long way since their humble beginnings, and with each passing year, they become more sophisticated and immersive. Last Epoch is one such game that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Despite being in early access, the game has already managed to impress many with its quality and attention to detail. In this article, we’ll be discussing the five things that Last Epoch got right. From its diverse classes to its detailed crafting system, this game has a lot to offer, and we’re excited to share our thoughts with you.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see what makes Last Epoch so special.

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Avoiding 1-button builds

Last Epoch has managed to address a common pitfall in many isometric looter games – the tendency to promote specializing in a single active ability. In games like Grim Dawn, players often end up with builds that revolve around clicking the same button over and over again, making the gameplay quite monotonous.

The reason behind this trend is often due to a limited number of skill points and a fixed pie environment where investing in multiple abilities means weakening your main ability. As a result, players tend to focus on one active skill and many passive perks to enhance their character. However, in Last Epoch, players can specialize in up to five skills without any sacrifice to their main ability.

Each skill in Last Epoch has its own independent levels, skill points, and skill tree, allowing players to experiment and synergize different abilities. The game offers two main types of synergy, including buffing one skill with attributes and perks of the other ability, and triggering a skill automatically by casting another ability. For example, the Sentinel build called Hammerdin is able to auto-cast the skill Smite with every Hammer throw cast, making for a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.

This design choice leads to a more interesting and engaging gameplay experience, as players can have fun casting a variety of abilities that they enjoy playing with. It relies on players’ active button pressing rather than passive buffs, making it a refreshing change from the one-button-click simulator trend seen in other games. Overall, Last Epoch’s skill system is a step in the right direction and makes for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Standard Classes With a Twist

Last Epoch offers a unique take on standard fantasy archetypes with its base classes – the Acolyte (Necromancer), Sentinel (Warrior), Primalist (Druid), Mage, and Rogue. While these classes may seem like typical bread and butter for ARPG titles, Last Epoch adds a twist with its subclass system.

For example, the Sentinel can not only be a typical Paladin but can also choose to become a Void Knight, which has skills that manipulate time and create echoes. Similarly, the Mage can choose to become a Spellblade, a melee range blade-weaving caster.

The Primalist, on the other hand, can become a Shaman with totems, a caster, or a shapeshifting Druid. The Druid, in particular, has access to three unique forms, including the typical bear form, as well as the Spriggan and the Swarmblade (allowing players to become a giant insect flying around and spawning smaller insects). With the ability to transform into a Spriggan players can finally live out their dream of being Groot – minus the ‘I am Groot’ catchphrase, of course

With its unique twist on standard classes, Last Epoch ensures that players will find at least one class that clicks with them. In fact, after watching endgame gameplay of each class, choosing which one to start with can be a challenging decision – a good problem to have in any ARPG game.

Crafting is Awesome!

Last Epoch’s crafting system is a standout feature in the genre, striking a perfect balance between complexity and simplicity. Although it may seem daunting at first, it becomes quite intuitive once you get the hang of it.

Every item in the game, besides unique or set items, comes with a forging potential which indicates how much you can upgrade and modify the item. The higher the crafting potential, the better. Each time you add a new affix or improve the item, the potential decreases. However, the cost of crafting is determined by a roll of the dice within a specific range, giving players the opportunity to not use any potential with a “glyph of hope.”

Last Epoch’s crafting system includes glyphs and runes that allow players to modify items in various ways, such as changing any rarity item into a set or unique item of the same type, rerolling values of attributes, or removing random attributes. This system keeps players engaged and creates excitement as players can turn an almost good item into a great one with just a bit of luck.

Furthermore, gear progression in Last Epoch is essential to gameplay, and the crafting system ensures that players have the tools to create the gear they need to progress. Overall, the crafting system in Last Epoch is a joy to engage with and adds another layer of depth to an already captivating game.

Gear Progression

Last Epoch’s gear progression is a refreshing take on the traditional ARPG formula. The game strikes a great balance between typical gear that our characters can equip and the creativity of the perks that they offer. Unlike in Diablo 3, set items and legendaries in Last Epoch do not revolve around insane number boosts, but instead offer more synergistic and complimentary perks to your skills, allowing for more freedom to experiment with various items rather than solely relying on one set bonus.

Exalted items are a better rare item in Last Epoch, and some uniques have even a downside to them, adding an extra layer of challenge and strategy. For example, some items may not allow for critical hits or may continuously bleed you.

One example of the game’s well-designed loot system is the legendary boots that give a 20% chance of automatically spawning vines as long as you stay on the move. This design philosophy meshes well with the game’s focus on skills as the selling point of character development in Last Epoch.

Idols in Last Epoch are similar to talismans from Diablo 2 but with limited and separate slots that unlock as you progress through quests. This forces players to make difficult choices as to which bonus to equip and which one to leave out.

Overall, Last Epoch’s gear progression system is a fun and engaging system that keeps players invested and offers a wide range of possibilities for character builds.

Gameplay Fluidity

When it comes to gameplay, Last Epoch may not be as fluid as Diablo 3, but it certainly holds its own. While D3 is widely considered to be the leader in terms of ARPG gameplay, Last Epoch has managed to carve out its own niche. Personally, I still return to Diablo 3 every few seasons for the smooth and satisfying feeling of firing up my skills. However, Last Epoch has become my second favorite game in the genre due to its unique and engaging gameplay mechanics.

The enjoyment in ARPGs gameplay comes from few factors:

  • Skills animations and responsiveness
    Does it feel good to fire up skills in the game or not?
  • The feedback of casting abilities
    Sound effects, screen shakes, etc.
  • Complexity and variety in the gameplay
    Is it one button press or player uses more tools actively?

I found Last Epoch to deliver in all three areas. If I had to neatpick on something, I would say that some animations leave a bit to be desired. But the good news is that developers continuously upgrade animations of abilities with new patch releases. I mean, just look at this patch notes section of skill visuals updates.

Last Epoch Summary:

In conclusion, Last Epoch is a game that has managed to capture the attention of gamers worldwide with its unique features.
The game offers a refreshing take on traditional ARPG formulas, with a crafting system that strikes a balance between complexity and simplicity.
The game’s gear progression allows for more freedom to experiment with various items, and its unique twist on standard classes ensures that players will find at least one class that clicks with them. The skill system is also a standout feature that addresses a common pitfall in many isometric looter games.

Overall, Last Epoch is a captivating game that is definitely worth playing, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

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